Creative Commons Licenses - Wanna Work Together?

Creative Commons Licenses are a way to protect your copyrights of your digital scrapbooking and photographic creations.  As shown by the graph below, they are more and more used as the years go by. 

I'm now jumping on the bandwagon, and hope fellow digital artist do too.

Why choose CC license?   In a few words, it allows you to protect your work and make sure it is shared in a way that is acceptable for you.  We spend many hours making digital products, in my case freebies, and while we're happy to share our work with the world, we have the right to retain certain rights to our work.   We can decide if we allow our work to be sold or not, altered, etc etc.   But then again, we don't want to make it hard for others to use our work as well, so that's why these licenses are used.

In the world of digital scrapbooking, 'scraplifting' is sometimes considered a flattery.  With photo editing softwares, there is no limit to what one can do. I personnaly don't mind it as long as proper attribution is given.  And I state that in my license.

If you want to license your work, it's really easy.  First, make sure your work is copyrightable.  Graphical arts are, as well as digital pictures, so if you are in digital scrapbooking, there is no issues there.  Then, make sure you have the rights to the creation.  If you're the original artist, then you have those rights.
You want to see my license I just created for this site?? 

Creative Commons License
This work by Pixel Scrapbooking is licensed under a  

From now on I'll put my license in the footer each of my freebies page, and will provide the source code for easy and proper attribution... (because we love easy!)  as well as in a text file in the download package....

What about you guys?  What do you think of copyrights in the digital scrapbooking world?  Do you use a license, or do you intend to use one??


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  1. MrsPeel says:

    first of all, I missed you :) welcome back, hope you had fun...

    thanks for this, I was thinking about investigating some kind of license, so this is actually great...comes in good timing, the video is really easy to understand too, I always have problems with these type of thing (understanding LOL)
    Will get one for sure!

  2. MrsPeel says:

    I wanted to ask...
    can I get a CC for my Blogger, for example?
    because you are Blogger aren't you?

    sorry , didnt even say hello! LOL
    just fell asleep earlier and woke up now thinking of this...had no sleep last night.. )is now here 14:44)

  3. Rosemarie says:

    Yes MrsPeel, you can get a CC for your blog. The blogging platform doesnt matter at all.

    And yes I had a great time during my getaway :)


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