Smilebox - a reader's review

A guest post by MrsPeel, from Enjoying the Simple Abundance, reviewing the program.  You can also read her review of Scrapblog here.


In scrapbooking, like most of other stuff to do with technology, I had to find my way on my own...
My start was knowing nothing and developing into a knowledge hunger which sent me investigating, so I thought I would share my findings with you, trying to avoid my Latin vein, I will try to make this short and to the point (which, if you know me, will know is NOT an easy task LOL)

So, I have tried a few programs, starting with Visit this is perfect for those who look for a quick solution: just choose the designs, they have hundreds and hundreds, stick your photos in, some text...choose music, in some cases color scheme...presto! ready to send to friends and family, and, allegedly, print your creations. This proved wrong with me, we could not print a single page, though we had payed for the annual subscription which at the time seemed reasonable. It was early 2007 and I knew nothing about scrapbooking, so a year for U$44 worked out (at the much better exchange rate then) £22.

I was happy until later in the year the system messed about with one of my photo folders, I contacted them and they did...nothing.

I was terrified of messing up another folder so I left it alone, never touched it again: another mistake.
If you do get a subscription and do not longer want the program, contact them to cancel, otherwise they will take your money out the following year without prior notification.
Available for both PC & Mac.

Mrs Peel is an former performer, eternal traveler, a warrior of life and of course, an avid digital scrapbooker. Follow her at Enjoying the Simple Abundance

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