Photoshop Tutorial: star shapes

This post is a tutorial showing you how to have shapes traced with stars.  I'm using Photoshop CS4.

Here is the final product; also, you can have a few shapes already made for you as a freebie.


So here we go:

Open your original picture in photoshop.  (Note:  in this tutorial I'm using a black background as it's easier to see the shapes, rather than my original picture).

The first step is to setup your star brush.  Select the star brush as shown below; the star brush is in the assorted brushes panel.


2. Click on the brush edit button (mine is on the right of the screen).  Select brush tip shape, and play with the spacing slider until you get some distance between each star.

Go in the shape dynamics panel.  Now set up the size jitter and angle jitter so each star will have a different size and angle.  Play around with different values.

Now the scattering panel.  This affect the distance between your stars and the path you'll create a few steps later.

Now it's time to create the path.  In this example I used the ellipse path


ON A NEW LAYER above your picture, draw your shape.Right-click your selection and select Make Work Path.  Select 1 pixel as tolerance.

Then select the pen tool

Right click in your work path, and select Stroke Path


Make sure Brush is the selection in the drop-down menu.  The Simulate pressure is up to you. If you check it, the stars will start very small and will become bigger along the path.  If you un-check it they will be roughly the same size (depending on the size jitter you selected earlier)


You can stoke the path once or multiple times if you want more stars.  I stroke mine 3 times.  Once done, right click again on your path and use Delete Path.

Last step, with the eraser, remove any unwanted stars.  I removed the ones that were on the antlers and hats, so the stars seems to go behind us.  You're done!!


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