Beginners Guide to Digital Scrapbooking - Part 1

Digital scrapbooking is a different way to capture memories and creating personal art that transforms your memories into treasures.

If you want to explore the possibilities of digital scrapbooking, then the following series of posts will be very useful to get you started.

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It goes without saying that you need a computer with memory space. Not necessarily tons of memory, but some images are large in size. One 12x12 digital paper file can be 1-2 MB depending on the quality of the image. Some kits are between 10-12 MB.

Step 1: Getting digital pictures

The foundation of scrapbooking - be it digital or traditional - is pictures. For digital scrapbooking, you need to get them onto your computer. There are a few way to do that.

Digital Cameras

The easiest way to have digital pictures is to take them with a digital camera. In the past years the prices have dropped significantly. $100-$300 can get you a decent camera. A good place to shop and compare them are at Amazon: Amazon Digital Camera Bestsellers list. Download photos from your camera to your computer following the instructions that came with your camera.

Photos and Slides Scanners

If you want to use old photos in your scrapbook layouts, a scanner will be needed. Many models are now built solely for this purpose; they can scan pictures, negatives and slides. It does take a bit more time but in my opinion it's well worth it. Amazon Bestsellers in Slide & Photo.

Photo Lab

Your local photolab, such at Wal-Mart or others, can develop your photographs and include a copy of them on a Photo CD or post them online. It will cost you a few extra dollars. Some also have self-served scanners for existing pictures.

In upcoming posts we will cover the next steps:
Step 2: Photo Editing Software
Step 3: Laying Out Your Pages
Step 4: Sharing

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