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As you can see, we've been having a make over. Hopefully navigation will now be easier, with thumbnails with all posts, excerpts and improved labels.

Unfortunately, by dropping the Intense Debate commenting systems, all the previous comments were eaten by gremlins. I contacted their support only to find that it was impossible to get them back as they are having bugs. Grrrr. I do have a printed copy I kept for my personal enjoyment so thanks to all of you who took time to comment and please continue to do so! I'm sticking to this now tried and tested and loved commenting systems and there will be no switching back.

You can also see on the main Home page that there are a few categories empty. I intend to fill them in the upcoming weeks. There will be beginners lessons and softwares reviews coming up.

I hope you enjoy the new look, let me know in the comments if there are issues. I tested it in a few browsers and it looked fine from my side.

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My name is Rosemarie or known as alias Rosemarie Pixel. I am a photo, digital scrapbooking, and blogging enthusiast. I created this blog in 2009 to share everything I am learning about these three new medias.

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  1. MrsPeel says:

    Hi Rosemarie, love the new look!!!!
    I am also very happy because I spent the whole weekend unable to download the penguins and jyst git them to work now!!!

    Also wanted to say: if you would like reviews, I am more than willing to give you mine to post here.... I'm studying journalism and from time to time I make some software or sites have me in Facebook and you can have a look at my blogger if you want, there is also the Creative Spirits site I write sometimes for...
    So, I will start by reviewing you, who are a star!!!!!
    LOve your stuff, love the way you put yourself out and wish you the very best!!!
    There are a couple of pages I made and posted in Facebook with the Ocean Stickers, I include one thing here, one there, but they make the pages so much brughter and interesting!!! Thanks SO much!!! :)


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