Easily create color palettes from a digital picture

One of the challenge of digital scrapbooking is to create backgrounds, embellishments and word art that will highlight our pictures. But thanks to digital pictures and the web, creating a color palette that match a picture is now easier than ever.

These online tools are huge time savers.

Let's find what colors match this picture:

digital scrapbooking color

The tool will create 2 distinct palettes, a dull one and a vibrant one. Each of these palettes will contain 5 colors extracted from your picture, along with the color codes.

Color Hunter
To use Color Hunter you can use a tag code, hex code, your image url or upload your image from your hard drive. You get 1 color palette built with 5 colors, along with the color codes. The generator works better if you use a small thumbnail of your picture. Clicking on the little sun icon below the palette will swich from dull to vibrant colors.

Big Huge Labs
To use the Big Huge Labs Color Palette Generator, you can upload a file from your hard drive, or from Flickr or Facebook. You can also download these swatches in Adobe Swatch Exchange (ASE) format for Photoshop or compatible applications. This generator will generate more than 5 colors (if applicable) for your picture.

When you have your color codes, you can use them in your digital scrapbooking software to create custom backgrounds or embellishments that will make your picture really stand out.

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