4 online tools to create digital scrapbooking backgrounds

A good background is the foundation of a good scrapbook. Here are 4 online tools to make unique, customized backgrounds that will match perfectly your pictures.

Be sure to check this post on how to create color palettes from your pictures. You can then use your color codes to create the backgrounds.

BgPatterns is a tiled background that let you create patterned backgrounds using 2 colors, and a nice selections of patterns. You can tweak things like scale, image rotation, and opacity for controlling how much of each element you can see.

At ColourLovers you can create both custom palettes and generate patterns from them. It's also a great community and you can browse what others have created. And you can export your palettes in a variety of format.

If you need to create a tartan pattern, TartanMaker is the best site! Select the number of bands that you want to use and each of their colors, specify the orientation, choose the yarn size, and click make it to create a downloadable image.

Stripe Generator 2.0
Finally, if you need stripes, you can get them at Stripe Generator. All kind of stripes can be created, horizontals, diagonals, etc. Set the spacing, colors, size, background and orientation, then download your stripes to use wherever you want.

So these are a nice little collection of tools for the digital scrapbooking enthusiast.

If you know about more free online tools, share them in the comment section :)

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