Use the Rule of Thirds for a well balanced digital scrapbooking layout

As digital scrapbookers, we all want scrapbook pages that will make our pictures to really stand out. But having great pictures and the best kits won't achieve that without a great layout composition. With this tutorial, you will know exactly where to place your different scrapbooking elements to obtain that well balanced page.

The Rule of Thirds

This old compositional rule for artists, designers and photographers, can also be used in digital scrapbooking. Just like every rule can be ignored or bent, using it wisely can create a well balanced layout.

The rule of thirds asks to mentally divide your image with two vertical and two horizontal lines. In general, it works best if the most important elements in your digital layouts are positioned close to these lines, or even better close to the points where they intersect.

In the following example you can see that I placed the journaling, title and photo rectangles right at the intersection points. Even if it's a small layout, your eyes are naturally drawn to the important elements.

To do these grid lines in Photoshop, go to View - New Guides and enter 33,3% on the horizontal. Repeat with the vertical, and then both again for a value of 66,6%. You can save them as an action to make this process faster.

The rule of thirds also applies to photographs. When taking your pictures, don't zoom them too close to your subject. Make sure you have plenty of space around your main subject so you can crop it using these guidelines.

Original pic:

Cropped using rule of thirds:

By using this simple rule you'll have better layouts that allow all your important elements to shine.

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