Brushes Part-1: How to create a brush in Photoshop

In this part 1 on brushes, we'll focus on how to create a brush in Photoshop. Creating a custom brush saves you time if you have to repeat often an element in a drawing as it will be just a few clicks away. It can also be used with paths to create frames and nice touches in your digital scrapbook.

This tutorial was created with Photoshop CS4.

The first step is to create the object you'll use as the pattern, or you can use any image (make sure it's royalty free!) Here is a little bat I made for an upcoming Halloween free kit! (stay tuned!)

I saved my bat drawing in .png format, with a transparent background.

Then go Edit - Define Brush Preset

A pop-up screen will, well, pop up, and you'll name your brush.

You're first brush is done! You can pick it in your brushes inventory

All there is left to do now is to save your brush in a set (or brushes if you are doing themed brushes). Go to your brush pallet, click the little arrow and select Preset Manager

Select the brush(es) you want to save (use Ctrl to select multiple brushes – selected brushes will be outlined in bold) and click Save Set. Name your set, now you're done!

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